Homemade YT at its finest!

Columbus Ohio Carpet Cleaning Company

Our attempt at making our own little promo video. 100% free, if you couldn’t tell lol.
Made with YouTube’s video editor. The cool thing about this is that anyone can make one and they are fairly simple too. You could also make a slideshow for a number of different things. Recommend everyone to give it a try for whatever reason you feel.

We do offer carpet cleaning services in Columbus Ohio and a number of other locations as well. Visit our locations page ​http://www.carpetcleaningpickerington.com/locations-served.html

The page is not complete yet but we will be updating and adding more areas as we build out the pages.​

TPC Carpet Cleaning Blog

Your Columbus Ohio Carpet Cleaners

I would like to welcome everyone to our webpage. We recently updated our site and will be continuing to update so you may see more changes in the near future. As an added part of our webpage we will be posting here on our blog.

We will be providing carpet cleaning tips as well as other useful information for your homes. Keep an eye out for updated posts and follow us just about everywhere on the web as we will be pushing out our content to what ever is your favorite spot to hang out online.

The purpose of this post is just to say hello and let you know what we will be doing moving forward with the  blog and our webpage. 

If you are in the Columbus Ohio area or in the vicinity, we service a big majority of central Ohio with our different services. You can visit our home page for more information about what we do. 


We look forward to helping  your home or business and impress your guests, clients, and staff with a clean environment.